Our Story

The college apparel industry has become quite boring and monotonous over the years. They all look the same: an unfashionable logo on an uncomfortable shirt. This is where College Clout changes the game.

Our journey began in January 2018. Jordan Calderon, the founder and CEO, decided he was sick and tired of seeing students rep the same old college shirt. In the early phases of the company, four incredible college students joined his team, adding diverse and unique talent to College Clout. They worked endlessly to find a way to illustrate student culture onto apparel -- and the rest is history. College Clout reinvents college apparel into a fashionable, spirit-inspired way of showing comradeship. We strive to make only the best quality apparel to ensure your comfort and satisfaction. 

However, College Clout is not just an everyday apparel company. As a college student-run business, we know how difficult it can be to find opportunity in the bustling professional world. We are dedicated to hiring fellow college students across the nation in ambassador, graphic designer, and modeling positions. Today, we have over 80 students who are proud to represent the College Clout team. We have shipped our products to all 50 states, and multiple countries.

College Clout also provides natural disaster relief by offering free and clean clothes to its victims. We are thankful for our loyal customers, and are always looking for ways to give back to our community. 

Please feel free to contact us at collegeclout@gmail.com and follow us on Facebook  and Instagram

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